Train the dog you deserve

why should you train your dog?

Training your dog makes your life better.

Think about all you can accomplish if your dog simply cooperated with you. Your days would feel less chaotic. Your focus could be centered on the other pressing tasks on your list. You could have fun with your dog. These are all possibilities!

typical results

Group of dogs during training


Not sure which format to choose?

No worries! Cosmic Dog Training provides multiple formats to suit your schedule needs and involvement preferences.

how does it work?

Meet & Greet

Sign up for our initial Meet & Greet. During this Meet & Greet, our expert trainers will come to your house to meet with you and your dog. There, they’ll go over your intake paperwork that covers your dog’s history, training goals, and how you live your daily life so they can arrange your dog’s curriculum perfectly.



Training Prep

After the Meet & Greet, you’ll be sent your Welcome Packet describing your expectations, time slots, and handout access. It’ll also state your dog’s first day of training and any other details.



Report Cards: At the end of each session, we leave you with their progress report that tells you: (a) How well they did, (b) What they worked on, (c) What exercises you should practice at home.

format options

The best format will depend on the level of involvement you are able to dedicate.



  • Multi-week dog training program
  • Our most intensive, residential training program done in our expert trainer’s home.
  • Weekends home to practice and visit your dog.
  • Ideal for owners with very little time to dedicate and/or need the most help.


Boarding is available at a discount if you cannot bring your dog home on the weekends.



  • Dog training for 2-3 hours with our expert trainer throughout the week.
  • We train your dog for you, then teach you each week to continue without us.
  • Access to basic online resources to maintain what we’ve started for you.
  • Ideal for owners with time to dedicate, but it needs to be focused and with less room for error.



  • Dog training alongside your dog with our dog trainer in your own space.
  • We train YOU on how to effectively train your dog.
  • Access to basic online resources to maintain what we’ve taught you.
  • Ideal for owners with time to dedicate and want to be actively involved at all times.

Your dog learns through every interaction every day.

What do you want to stick?

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