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Monday – Thursday, 8am to 6pm           Friday, 8am to 2pm

These are the hours we’re actively training and working with dogs. We try to make all updates to board & train clients during this time, but we may send them afterwards. If your dog is boarding or training with us over the weekend, we will send updates as needed to give our employees time to recharge.

Any non-emergent messages received outside of hours will be returned within 24 hours during normal business hours.

Due to the nature of our profession, it can be difficult to speak on the phone. It’s important that we focus on the dogs in our care to ensure everyone’s safety – just as we would if your dog was present with us. 

Texting or emailing us is the most effective and successful way of getting in touch. 

For photos or videos, your trainer will either text them, email them, or post to our Facebook account. Be sure to follow us there to snag a peek of your pup!

Depending on the nature of the dog training program, your dog will be expected to be dog-neutral or dog-friendly.

Dog-neutral means your dog doesn’t really mind if another dog is in their space or attempting to interact. Your dog may not engage in play or a fight. They’re just “meh.”

Dog-friendly indicates exactly what’s in the phrase. Your dog enjoys and is appropriate with play or other dog-dog social interactions.

Your dog is required to NOT be human aggressive for the safety of our trainer and others. 

All dogs attending must be in overall good health and must be fit enough to interact in an active environment. Sick dogs will not be permitted to stay. 

All dogs must also be on a flea/tick and heart worm prevention protocol. If your dog requires another round of their preventatives during their board & train program, you can send it with them as long as you have their name and the date needed attached. Inform staff ahead of time.

If your dog requires professional grooming, it is your responsibility to have this done prior to your dog’s stay. While we partner with Northshore Grooming in Slidell, Louisiana, there is no guarantee your dog will be able to fit into their schedule.

We maintain your dog’s coat to the best of our ability, but tangles and knots may occur.

We understand that life happens. Due to the nature of a dog training business and our Lifetime Guarantee, we do not offer refunds. All services may be rescheduled based on the following guidelines:

Meet & Greets, Day School, and Private Sessions: You must provide 24 hours notice prior to your appointment.

Board & Train: You must provide five (5) business days prior to your dog’s scheduled start day. This notice must be given before closing.

You must provide notice via email at trainer@cosmicdogtraining.com or text message at (985) 788-7961.

If you choose to cancel any service, there are no refunds, credits, or transfers. All sales are final.

how it works

  • Initial Inquiry OR Meet & Greet:
    • Initial Inquiry: Email or text us to ask questions, give us more information, etc. and we can help you decide if we’re potentially a good fit for one another! If we are, then we’ll help you schedule your Meet & Greet.
    • Meet & Greet: During the Meet & Greet, our expert trainers will come to your house to meet with you and your dog. There, they’ll go over your intake paperwork that covers your dog’s history, training goals, and how you live your daily life so they can arrange your dog’s curriculum perfectly. If your dog passes, you’re then given a free Trial Day or Private Session. 
  • Training Prep: After the Meet & Greet, we’ll send you a Welcome Packet describing your expectations, time slots, and how to access instruction materials (if applicable). It’ll also state your dog’s first day of training and any other add-on details.
  • Report Cards & Progress Reports: At the end of each session, your dog leaves us with a report card that provides daily progress. Mid-way through your program duration, you’ll receive a Progress Report that outlines where your dog is, how they’re doing on their milestones, and if we feel any changes need to be made to the program.


Where are you located?
We are located in Slidell, Louisiana. Our training programs are designed to replicate real life, so we do not have a commercial facility. Training is done in our trainer’s home, your home, or the community. 

Are you insured?
Yes! We are insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. While we pride ourselves on meticulous risk management and prevention protocols, we appreciate having our staff and clients covered in case of situations beyond our control. 

What breeds do you take? Which breeds do you refuse?
We accept all breeds of all sizes and ages! As long as your dog is healthy enough to work, we accept them with open arms.

Does my dog have to be spayed/neutered?
No, we do not require spaying or neutering to board or train with us. If you have a female, however, please do not bring a female in heat or near an expected heat cycle as we do have unaltered males in the home. If your female goes into heat while staying with us, we will contact you to pick her up until she is out of heat.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! We’re huge advocates on gifting training to that *special* pup in your life. Contact us and we’ll set you up!

How do I start the process?
Head over to our training page or get started with your Meet & Greet today!

What methods do you use?
We believe and follow the original LIMA protocol as outlined here. We always start with positive reinforcement (adding things they like, such as treats), then move on to negative punishment (removing something they want, ex: removing attention).

We do have circumstances where we will utilize training tools, such as an e-collar or prong collar. However, this decision is not made lightly or without extensive data and trial/error on other options. We will not utilize these tools simply because you requests it. We also require the purchase of specific training tools that we know and trust that are used in police and military organizations, as well. You can choose to purchase through us at a discount or buy on your own. Not all dogs will use training tools and we will not train all dogs with training tools.

Do you guarantee your training?
Yes and no. We believe it is unethical to guarantee animal training of any kind, because animals are living creatures with minds of their own. We cannot control every single thing about them, no matter how hard we try.

However, we are confident in our training programs so we have a Lifetime Guarantee. This means that we guarantee our training will work as long as you follow our instructions. If you show us that you are doing so, we will continue to assist you until we reach your original training goals. This guarantee does not include new goals or behavior issues, only the existing ones.

Does positive reinforcement mean I can’t tell my dog “no” and that I’ll always have to use treats?
Not at all
! We don’t believe in PERMISSIVE dog training – which is allowing the dog to do whatever they want. We believe in setting clear, concise, and consistent boundaries and expectations so they can be successful while learning how to navigate living in our world. It requires training and giving clear information so your dog can make good decisions. 

In regards to treats or other rewards, our main goal is to use these reinforcers to build a strong relationship of your dog wanting to listen to you. We use easy-to-use reinforcers to teach the skills we need them to know. Then, once we can see these learned skills in a variety of settings, we can start mixing it up to utilize less treats and use other rewards instead – like taking a walk or getting on the couch.

We do ask that you consider this though: How often would you show up to your job is you weren’t getting paid? If you’re volunteering, would you show up if you got nothing out of the experience (pride, playing with the shelter pups, school/work credit)? Humans are motivated by a lot of different things, which is why we continue behaving the way we do. We’re using the same concept with our dogs, because they learn and are motivated in similar ways.

Will my dog forget me if they’re living with your trainer for ___ weeks?
Not at all! We often ask that you provide old t-shirts or blankets with your scent on it, so that way s/he can have that comfort. Plus all of our board and train programs require dogs to return home every weekend. This is to help you guys practice, as well as provides you the opportunity to continue bonding with your dog or puppy. You get to bond through training practice and all those extra snuggles from the weekdays he spent away!

Why does my dog listen to you but not here at home? What’s this homework your programs refer to?
We create a structured environment with routine to allow all of the dogs to thrive, and we simply do not allow your dog to make bad choices. The training we have provided needs to be reinforced, even on tough days. During your transfer sessions, we will be replicating a lot of what we’ve established. If you need further help mimicking his training, please reach out to your trainer.

In terms of homework, Brittany is a dog trainer, but she’s also a coach, tutor, and teacher during your sessions. There’s so many things that can be missed or seem overwhelming, so we will provide you with handouts and practice exercises to be in better control. 

Why is training so expensive? What am I even paying for?
Dog training is an investment, both in time and money. Your trainer is highly educated and experienced in dog training and behavior, but also in effective human-teaching strategies in order to provide you with the necessary education. We always try to stay affordable and accessible, so we do offer payment plans.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept ACH payments and credit/debit card payments through our secure online portal. We also accept cash, if paying in full. Payment plans do require an autopay setting, so cards and ACH payments are only accepted.

Are there any discounts?
We do run occasional promotions via our social media pages and email newsletter, so if you don’t already follow us, these are good spots to keep an eye out for those promos! You can find us on Facebook! We also provide discounts to those who adopt from our rescue/shelter partners.

Why am I paying a deposit?
We pride ourselves on guaranteeing individualized care, which means we only take in 2-3 dogs at one time. In order to reserve your spot in that exclusive group, we need to be sure you’re committed as well. 

Can I just pay in full right upfront?
Yes, absolutely!

Training your dog makes your life better.

Think about all you can accomplish if your dog simply cooperated with you. Your days would feel less chaotic. Your focus could be centered on the other pressing tasks on your list. These are all possible!