our mission

Cosmic Dog Training’s mission in dog training is to provide a behavior analytic approach to support, not only the humans involved in the process, but to bring more awareness for their dogs. Our services will help others understand their dogs, their breeds, their purpose, and their motivation through learning how to adapt in our world. 

our vision

We envision a world where the dogs in our lives are able to participate to their fullest extent because of the work we start from puppyhood. We hope that the dogs we bring into our home from shelters and rescues can be better understood enough to find empathy, patience, and guidance.


While I’ve only been working in behavior analytics and modification for seven years, I have always been an animal person! While earning my degrees in Behavioral Sciences & Education, I started my dog training journey as a Service Dog in Training Puppy Raiser. This is where my love for dog training started, and it never left my soul.

Through my time working in the behavior field and learning from amazing mentors, I have designed simple formulas to pinpoint the problem, create customized training plans, and transform your dog’s behavior. 

I have experienced a variety of areas in training, such as assistance animals, scent detection, and more. However my specialty (and favorite) is lifestyle training. In my years of training, it’s been easy to see why “cookie cutter” training programs don’t always work out. My goal is to help you gain a willing participant in your life!